The Gowrie (Qld) Inc.

The Gowrie (Qld) Inc. is a revered not-for-profit organisation with a rich heritage in early childhood education in Queensland, Australia. With roots tracing back to 1940, this esteemed establishment has been a leader in delivering excellence in early childhood education and care with an unwavering commitment to nurturing young minds. Join The Gowrie (Qld) Inc. team and be part of an organisation that offers a range of high-quality services, including long day care for children aged 6 weeks to Prep entry age, community kindergartens in over 90 locations across Queensland, and integrated early childhood programs through their Early Years Place at Caboolture. By becoming a part of this remarkable organisation, you are not only contributing to the growth and development of young children but are also upholding the legacy of Lady Gowrie, the woman who inspired it all. Recognizing the importance of early years education, The Gowrie (Qld) Inc. takes pride in being a beacon of support for families and children throughout the state. Seize the opportunity to work with a team of passionate professionals who are driven by the belief that every child deserves a strong foundation for a bright future. Make a real difference in the lives of children and their families, and embark on a fulfilling career at The Gowrie (Qld) Inc. today.