The Junction Clubhouse Cairns Limited

The Junction Clubhouse Cairns Limited is a safe, non-clinical, and inclusive sanctuary for individuals experiencing mental illness. With a dedicated community supporting one another in their recovery journeys, The Junction promotes friendship, education, employment, and purposeful work while catering to each person's unique needs and goals. Emphasizing the power of recovery alongside the right support, this exemplary organisation offers NDIS-funded psychosocial support and alternative government-funded assistance to ensure no one misses out. The Junction embraces the Clubhouse model, prioritizing its members' strengths, interests, and abilities over their illness. With over 340 Clubhouses across 30 countries, members become part of a vast, worldwide community where they can participate in a range of activities and services. The Clubhouse provides members with educational, prevocational, health, and mental health support, fostering meaningful relationships and work experiences. Become part of The Junction Clubhouse Cairns Limited, a life-changing organisation that empowers individuals with mental illnesses and redefines the idea of recovery. Join this diverse community and make a lasting impact on people's lives, one connection at a time.