The Lawrence Hargrave Society Inc

Welcome to The Lawrence Hargrave Society Inc - a values-driven, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to fostering innovation and creativity through supporting and promoting the inspiring spirit of Lawrence Hargrave. As an employee at this esteemed organisation, you will have the opportunity to contribute to a meaningful cause and be a part of a community that celebrates the incredible achievements of Hargrave, including his pioneering work in aviation, invention of the box kite, and many other remarkable innovations. The Lawrence Hargrave Society is situated in a magnificent coastal area, offering a serene environment to push the boundaries of scientific and cultural discovery while being surrounded by rich history and natural beauty. Our diverse and inclusive team works together with dedication, respect, and a passion for fostering technological progress inspired by Hargrave's enduring legacy. By joining our team, you will make a true impact and play a vital role in nurturing the next generation of innovators, dreamers, and creators. Your work will directly contribute to building a better, brighter future for all, while honoring the visionary spirit of Lawrence Hargrave. So, take the first step towards making a difference in the world by exploring exciting opportunities at The Lawrence Hargrave Society Inc today!