The Legacy Club of Western Australia Incorporated

Legacy Club of Western Australia Incorporated is a values-driven organisation that has been keeping its promise to help the families of those who served in building a sustainable future for almost a century. With a focus on nurturing more than 2,500 individuals affected by their loved one's service to the country, Legacy Club of WA ensures they have the knowledge and expertise to deliver life-changing outcomes through evidence-based case management plans. The organisation offers a range of services, including relief from financial hardship, counselling support, assistance with children's education, and advocacy for entitlements and services. Legacy Club of WA recognises the importance of cultivating close connections, and its dedicated team of volunteers work tirelessly, investing over 4,000 hours annually, to support and empower families through difficult times. By joining this compassionate organisation, you become part of a proud tradition and contribute to making a positive difference in the lives of veterans' families while fostering friendships, bonds, and lasting social connections. Be inspired to work for Legacy Club of WA and help uphold its commitment to keep the promise.