The Lisa Harnum Foundation Ltd

The Lisa Harnum Foundation (LHF) is a dedicated and compassionate organisation that seeks to support and empower women and children affected by domestic and family violence. With a vision for a world where everyone can thrive without fear, LHF is strongly committed to breaking the cycle of abuse through education, safe spaces, and social change. As a team member at LHF, you'll contribute to transforming lives and rebuilding futures for those affected by family violence. Working in a supportive environment that prioritises the needs of the people served, you'll have the opportunity to listen to their unique experiences and provide tailored assistance, such as safe rooms, counselling, case management, and referrals. Established in memory of Lisa Harnum, who tragically lost her life due to domestic abuse, the foundation continually honors her legacy by striving to prevent such tragedies from happening to others. By joining LHF, you'll work alongside a team driven by compassion, integrity, and a deep desire to help individuals find the freedom to flourish and feel empowered. Inspired by the kindness and support of its partners and sponsors, LHF is dedicated to empowering and changing the lives of countless women and children. If you share a passion for eradicating the impact of family violence and creating a safer future for all, the Lisa Harnum Foundation is the perfect place for you to make a tangible and lasting difference.