The Litigation Assistance Fund

The Litigation Assistance Fund (LAF) is a non-profit charitable trust dedicated to providing funding assistance to civil claimants in South Australia who are unable to meet the fees and disbursements of prosecuting their claims. As a trustee, the Law Society has been in operation since 1992, supporting over 1,500 civil claimants and securing more than $200 million in damages. Joining LAF means working for an organisation that believes in justice and equal access to legal representation, while fostering a supportive and collaborative environment. By working with LAF, you become a key player in changing lives through the pursuit of justice, helping people achieve the compensation they rightfully deserve. LAF offers a range of funding options and plays a significant role in bridging the gap in civil litigation, making it an exciting and satisfying organisation to be a part of. Be inspired to make a difference in the lives of others and embark on a rewarding journey with The Litigation Assistance Fund.