The Mildura Life Saving Club Incorporated

The Mildura Life Saving Club Incorporated (MLSC) is a unique and inspiring non-profit organisation with a rich history dating back to the 1960s. Originally established as part of the Royal Australian Lifesaving Society, MLSC transferred its registration to Life Saving Victoria in the 2000s, ensuring a national standard in life saving awards and equipment. With approximately 150 dedicated members, MLSC is highly committed to water safety and community well-being, proudly overseeing Australia's first and only inland life saving club. As part of this spectacular team, members make a difference by contributing their time, effort, and energy in various roles, from active patrolling duties to committee membership, Nippers, fundraising, and event support. The club is constantly growing, now boasting 30 patrolling members, qualified Inflatable Rescue Boat teams, silver medallion patrol captains, bronze medallion, and Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) holders. Lifesavers at MLSC range from 13 years old to mature age, bringing diverse perspectives and skills to the organisation. Joining the MLSC means becoming part of a warm, values-driven, and supportive community that is dedicated to water safety and protecting Mildura's most treasured swimming spots. By working together as a team, MLSC members save lives and create lasting, positive impacts on the community, making this the perfect non-profit organisation to work for if you're passionate about making a difference.