The Mill Incorporated

Welcome to The Mill Incorporated, a thriving nonprofit organisation dedicated to enriching the arts culture in South Australia. Working closely with local Kaurna people and respecting their spiritual relationship with the land, The Mill embodies its core values of cultural appreciation and creative collaboration. With a heart for empowering artists to succeed in their craft, The Mill offers a wide range of diverse opportunities, including CBD artist studios and creative workspaces, residencies, professional development programs, and space for hire. Through The Mill's extensive Visual Arts and First Nations Dance programs, artists have the chance to participate in meaningful projects and events aimed at celebrating their talent and showcasing their work. Additionally, The Mill's support extends to masterclasses, workshops, international collaborations, and digital offerings, providing artists with essential tools to help them excel in their careers. If you're passionate about the arts and contributing to a resilient, inclusive, and prosperous arts community, The Mill is the perfect organisation to make your mark. With your talents and expertise, you can contribute to creating a lasting impact on the lives of countless artists and the broader cultural landscape of South Australia. So, join The Mill's supportive team today and be a part of fostering a legacy of artistry and innovation in the region.