The River Nile Learning Centre Inc.

The River Nile Learning Centre Inc. (RNLC) is a beacon of hope and transformation for refugee and asylum seeker women and their children. Providing a range of life-changing educational opportunities, RNLC is an organisation deeply rooted in the community, with a mission to empower its students to not only survive but to flourish. By joining the RNLC team, you become part of a dedicated and compassionate network of individuals committed to creating a brighter future for vulnerable women and their families. At RNLC, students are given the tools they need to succeed, with programs designed to develop their English language, literacy, numeracy, life and work skills. With a focus on helping students integrate into further education or employment, the Centre sets a strong foundation for a lifetime of achievement. Unique and tailored support services set RNLC apart, including childcare for young mothers and welfare support to resolve complex personal issues. As an ACNC registered charity and Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR), you can be proud to work for a noble organisation with a lasting impact on the lives of countless women who are refugees and asylum seekers. Allow your values to be mirrored in your work and join The River Nile Learning Centre Inc. today!