The Ryder-Cheshire Foundation Victoria Incorporated

The Ryder-Cheshire Foundation Victoria Incorporated is a compassionate, values-driven organisation dedicated to the relief of suffering without discrimination. By joining their team, you become an instrumental member of an organisation that has been making meaningful impact in the lives of those in need for decades. Their work includes supporting homes in India and Timor-Leste, in addition to their Victorian and Mount Gambier homes. Their mission resonates with their tagline, For the Relief of Suffering, and invites individuals with a heart for service to contribute to this noble cause. Through their strong commitment to making a difference, they continue to evolve and expand, reflecting the passion and vision of their founders. As a part of the Ryder-Cheshire team, you will help nurture hope, dignity, and resilience in the lives of people from diverse backgrounds. Be prepared to grow personally and professionally as you immerse yourself in an inspiring environment that fosters love, empathy, and inclusivity. Join the Ryder-Cheshire family and be a part of the transformative change this organisation is driving across communities. And be inspired every day, knowing that your efforts are contributing to the creation of a brighter future for those in need.