The Security Society of UNSW

The Security Society of UNSW is a passionate, values-driven non-profit organisation dedicated to fostering a vibrant community of students interested in cybersecurity. Located at the heart of the University of New South Wales' vibrant campus, the Security Society seeks to inspire the next generation of cybersecurity professionals by providing educational and practical experiences in hacking, cryptography, and other cyber-related fields. By joining the Security Society of UNSW, you'll have the opportunity to attend various workshops, events, and Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions throughout the year, all designed to help you broaden your skills and knowledge while connecting with like-minded individuals. With a strong commitment to inclusion and diversity, the organisation is always looking for new members eager to contribute their talents and ideas to make the world of cybersecurity a safer and more innovative space. As a proud partner of numerous industry sponsors, the Security Society of UNSW opens doors for its members to network with professionals, forging lasting connections that can help you launch your dream career. If you're motivated, curious, and seeking to make an impact in the world of cybersecurity, the Security Society of UNSW is the perfect platform for you to grow and thrive. Join them today and make a difference in this dynamic and essential field.