The Synod Of The Diocese Of The Murray Of The Anglican Church Of Australia Inc

The Synod of the Diocese of The Murray of the Anglican Church of Australia Inc is a vibrant and compassionate organisation dedicated to serving communities across South Australia. Committed to the mission of fostering discipleship for all, they strive to provide spiritual and emotional support to people from Renmark through the Adelaide Hills, Seaford, the Fleurieu Peninsula, the Coorong, Mt Gambier, Port MacDonnell, and the state border. When you work for this esteemed organisation, you'll become a crucial part of a passionate family focused on sharing the love of Jesus Christ and embodying His values in their everyday work. The Diocese offers various resources, including sermons, spiritual resources, and insightful blogs, to help employees and the wider community grow in faith and wisdom. By joining the team at the Synod of the Diocese of The Murray, you will have the unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact on countless lives by offering trusted spiritual guidance and practical support. Be inspired to create lasting change and contribute to the greater good in a way that truly makes a difference. With a rich history and clear mission, the Synod of the Diocese of The Murray is the perfect organisation to help you ignite your career in the non-profit sector while enriching your personal journey.