The Trudy Crowley Foundation Ltd

The Trudy Crowley Foundation Ltd is a dedicated and compassionate non-profit organisation focused on providing holistic support and care to individuals and families affected by ovarian cancer. As a silent killer, ovarian cancer often goes undetected, causing immense suffering for those impacted. The Foundation's mission is to alleviate this suffering by raising awareness, connecting people with essential information, resources, and support services during their most challenging times. Driven by the inspirational vision of Trudy Crowley, the Foundation offers a range of support options, tailored to address the unique needs of each person. With professionals like Rosie – a dedicated nurse for the Mackay and Whitsunday regions – and Rebecca – a Breakthrough Counsellor and Support Services expert – individuals and their families can receive unparalleled care and assistance. The Trudy Crowley Foundation is proud to offer the only service of its kind in Australia, ensuring no woman, child, partner, or friend feels alone in their fight against ovarian cancer. By joining this organisation, you'll become part of a dedicated and compassionate team working tirelessly to expose this silent killer and make Trudy's vision come to life, helping others for years to come.