The Trustee For Community Enterprise Charitable Fund

At The Trustee For Community Enterprise Charitable Fund (CEF), their mission is to empower communities and not-for-profit organisations across Australia to create lasting, positive change. As a dedicated charitable foundation, CEF enables these communities to raise and distribute tax-effective donations to address both current and future needs. When you join the CEF team, you become part of a group of compassionate, motivated individuals committed to providing the expertise, tools, and resources necessary to support community development. Their work not only entails dispersing grants and scholarships to deserving individuals and organisations, but also genuinely caring for the well-being of the communities they serve. As a part of CEF, you'll be inspired by the resilience and strength of communities overcoming adversity, including bushfire recovery efforts and educational barriers. By sharing their stories and successes, you contribute to the growth and recovery of people who are driving their communities towards a brighter, more resilient future. The organisation's affiliation with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank offers a solid, reputable foundation while also giving you the chance to make a significant impact at the grassroots level. If you're seeking a heartfelt, values-driven career that prioritises lasting community transformation alongside personal and professional growth, look no further than joining the passionate team at The Trustee For Community Enterprise Charitable Fund.