The Trustee For Documentary Australia

The Trustee For Documentary Australia is committed to inspiring positive social change through the power of documentary storytelling. This innovative not-for-profit organisation connects talented filmmakers with like-minded funders, educators, policymakers, and community groups to create thought-provoking, engaging documentaries and amplify their impact. By joining this organisation, you will contribute to its mission of raising awareness on vital social issues such as the environment, health and wellbeing, human rights and social justice, indigenous culture, the arts, women and girls, and youth and education. With over 5,000 supporters, more than $35 million raised, and a growing collection of over 600 films, Documentary Australia is making a remarkable difference in society. If you're passionate about storytelling and making a lasting positive impact, join The Trustee For Documentary Australia and become a part of a community that champions powerful stories for a better world.