The Trustee For Law Enforcement Torch Run (NSW) Charitable Trust

The Trustee For Law Enforcement Torch Run (NSW) Charitable Trust is a remarkable organisation that works tirelessly to drive the inclusion revolution for people with intellectual disabilities. By supporting Special Olympics programs and championing fundraising initiatives, they improve the quality of life and provide unique opportunities for children and adults alike. With over 1.9 million athletes across 35 countries, the program is constantly expanding, promoting respect, inclusion, and human dignity through sport in the Asia Pacific region. Working for this organisation means being part of a passionate team, raising awareness within NSW Police, government agencies, and local communities about the importance and impact of the Special Olympics movement. Joining the movement means playing a crucial role in breaking down barriers, developing healthy habits, and driving the inclusion revolution for those with intellectual disabilities. Help create change, be the champion of the Inclusion Revolution, and ignite a flicker of hope for individuals with intellectual disabilities. Supporting this organisation through generating funds, volunteering, and spreading awareness will make a significant difference in the lives of countless athletes, on and off the field. Embrace the opportunity to work for a truly transformative and empowering organisation that values inclusion, respect, and dignity for all.