The Trustee For The Anglican Diocese Of Melbourne Aborigines' Trust Fund

Join the team at The Trustee for The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne Aborigines' Trust Fund, an inspiring organisation committed to serving the spiritual and practical needs of indigenous communities. This nonprofit focuses on empowering individuals, building relationships, and creating lasting change, while upholding the values of the Anglican faith. You will have the opportunity to work alongside passionate professionals, dedicated volunteers, and supportive partners to tackle pressing social issues affecting Indigenous Australians. Your impact will be far-reaching, as you contribute to initiatives ranging from early childhood education and spiritual growth, to promoting cultural awareness and addressing social challenges. By joining this dynamic organisation, you will become part of an inclusive, caring community that values cultural diversity and respects the traditions of its Indigenous members. In turn, the Trust Fund will support your growth and enable you to make a real difference. If you are passionate about social justice, committed to reconciliation and driven to create positive change, The Trustee for The Anglican Diocese of Melbourne Aborigines' Trust Fund offers a fulfilling and rewarding career path. Become part of this extraordinary team and experience the impact your work can make in the lives of others.