The Trustee For The Australian Gas Industry Trust

The Trustee For The Australian Gas Industry Trust (AGIT) is an organisation that strives to create a sustainable and secure energy future for Australia. Founded in 1999, AGIT's mission is to improve the capability of the gas industry by collaborating closely with industry partners. With a focus on education, research, advocacy and representation on the international stage, AGIT is committed to making a positive impact on the industry. AGIT supports various educational programs, aiming to foster the workforce of the future through STEM education, capability development, and thought leadership. Moreover, they fund research projects that advance the gas industry while fostering skills through collaborative networks. From partnering with industry stakeholders to building a resilient industry commentary reflecting the value of the gas industry, AGIT is dedicated to social and environmental sustainability. Those who join AGIT will have the opportunity to work in a progressive organisation that values research, education, and industry advocacy. Collaborating with passionate professionals, your contribution will help shape the future of the gas industry in Australia while ensuring a more sustainable and secure energy landscape. Together, you will inspire and create change towards a better, greener world for generations to come.