The Trustee For The Leeuwin Estate Charitable Foundation Trust

The Trustee for the Leeuwin Estate Charitable Foundation Trust is an organisation that values creativity, passion, and commitment to both environmental sustainability and fine wine production. By joining their team, you become part of a family that takes pride in their Margaret River winery, renowned for its exceptional wines, welcoming atmosphere, and dedication to sustainability and conservation. As you immerse yourself in the world of Leeuwin Estate, you'll find opportunities to grow alongside the foundation as they continuously innovate, celebrate art and culture through their events, and strive to exceed customer expectations. Their idyllic location offers visitors not just exquisite wines, but also world-class experiences such as a top-rated restaurant, art gallery, and concert venue. Inspire and be inspired by working alongside talented individuals who are passionate about their craft and dedicated to making a positive difference in the community. Leeuwin Estate's commitment to sustainability demonstrates their dedication to the future and the importance of caring for both the environment and their team. Join the Leeuwin Estate family and contribute to an organisation that aims to have a long-lasting positive impact on people, community, and the environment. Be part of where wine, art, and passion intersect, offering an experience like no other to individuals across the globe.