The Trustee For The Southern Cross Charitable Foundation Trust

Discover an incredible opportunity to work with The Trustee for the Southern Cross Charitable Foundation Trust, a prestigious nonprofit organisation deeply committed to making a real difference in the community. In partnership with the Order of the Knights of the Southern Cross in Western Australia, this dedicated group unites Catholic laymen supported by the Australian Bishops, and operates in accordance with the cardinal and chivalrous virtues of prudence, faith, justice, fortitude, and temperance. This inspiring workplace environment encourages employees to grow both personally and professionally, bolstered by the Catholic faith and strong values that guide the organisation's charitable works. By joining this passionate team, you'll help serve not only the Catholic community but the wider community as well, providing much-needed support for those in need. Becoming a part of this respected NFP organisation means immersing yourself in a vibrant, supportive culture that truly celebrates its purpose: to uplift and empower communities across Western Australia. With opportunities to collaborate on exciting projects, engage with members, and make a meaningful impact in the region, a career with The Trustee for the Southern Cross Charitable Foundation Trust is an experience you'll always cherish. Don't wait any longer – become a trusted Knight and play a crucial role in changing lives today!