The Trustee for Christian Brothers College Adelaide Educational Scholarship Fund

At the Trustee for Christian Brothers College Adelaide Educational Scholarship Fund, their mission is rooted in providing an all-rounded, values-driven education for students from infancy to Year 12. This nonprofit organisation is dedicated to nurturing young minds within a supportive and inclusive community that upholds the values of faith, excellence, community, and compassion. With a rich 145-year tradition, the foundation is renowned for delivering high-quality education within an innovative and engaging environment. Joining their team means dedicating your skills and passion to inspiring students to be curious about their learning, courageous in facing challenges, and inclusive in their relationships. In this enriching educational setting, you will have the opportunity to help shape well-rounded students who will thrive as confident, hope-filled, and purposeful young men and women that lead caring, authentic, and accomplished lives. Become a part of this dynamic nonprofit organisation to contribute your expertise towards fostering an educational environment where each child can realise their incredible potential within a strong, supportive community.