The Trustee for Natural Resources Conservation Trust

The Trustee for Natural Resources Conservation Trust (NRCT) is a not-for-profit organisation with over 75 years of experience in promoting the sustainable management of natural resources. Established in response to the devastating 1939 bushfires in Victoria, this registered charity began as the Save the Forest campaign, and has since grown into a proactive force championing conservation and natural resource management. At its core, the organisation aims to create a better world by supporting and building the capacity of the community sector, promoting environmental sustainability, and building partnerships to drive change. The passionate employees at NRCT work together to make a difference through education, partnering, and promoting community engagement in revegetation. Joining the NRCT means becoming part of an exciting philanthropic initiative dedicated to landscape restoration. The organisation actively provides funding for a variety of projects and networks, as well as ongoing grants to support the capacity and growth of funded organisations. As NRCT enters a new era, it is looking forward to expanding its reach and impact through strategic planning, property development, and the creation of new partnerships. By joining this driven team of individuals, you will not only gain a sense of fulfillment; you'll be helping secure a sustainable future for generations to come.