The Wateryard Limited

The Wateryard Limited is an inspiring social enterprise that aims to improve the lives of remote Australian communities by providing them with access to clean, safe drinking water. Established in 2017 by visionary founder Dominic Monckton, The Wateryard partners with some of Australia's top winemakers to fund impactful social projects in remote areas. As an employee of The Wateryard, you'll be part of a passionate team working towards their mission to solve thirst world problems while supporting local businesses. By turning wine into water, The Wateryard is changing the face of Australia's clean water crisis for the better. Working for The Wateryard means you're directly contributing to a better future for disadvantaged Australian communities, helping to eradicate Trachoma, and ensuring future generations can live healthier, happier lives. Through its innovative partnerships and dedication to sustainability, The Wateryard offers an exciting and rewarding career opportunity for those who join their team.