Through the Unexpected Ltd

Through the Unexpected Ltd is a compassionate not-for-profit organisation driven by a deep commitment to support expectant parents navigating the complex, emotional journey of prenatal diagnosis. Founded on the understanding that one in 22 children has a 'major congenital anomaly,' this dedicated team strives to provide crucial assistance and resources during these challenging times for parents-to-be. Inspired by their vision, mission, and values, Through the Unexpected emphasizes the importance of collaboration, as well as fostering empathetic communication and understanding between health professionals and families. They work tirelessly to co-design training for health and allied professionals, helping them address the psychosocial aspects of prenatal diagnosis. Moreover, the organisation continually expands its library of resources for parents, ensuring that accurate information and guidance remain accessible to those in need. By offering solace and support, Through the Unexpected facilitates a network of comfort and connection for families who feel overwhelmed or unsure during this critical phase in their lives. Embarking on a career with Through the Unexpected means joining a dedicated team of like-minded professionals that is resolute in its pursuit of strengthening the ties between health care providers, expectant parents, and the community at large. Embrace this opportunity to make lasting contributions to a cause that matters and help make a real difference in people's lives.