Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School

Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School is a unique and prestigious institution that has been inspiring and nurturing the creative spirits of aspiring sculptors since its inception in 1974. As Australia's oldest and most respected school dedicated to teaching sculpture in the classic atelier tradition, this remarkable organisation provides students with a friendly and stimulating environment to hone their artistic skills. At TBSSS, students are embraced by a supportive community and work one-on-one with professional sculptors, who are passionate about imparting their expertise and guiding students on their creative journeys. The school offers a range of workshops and courses, catering to all skill levels, allowing students to delve into a variety of sculpting mediums including clay, stone, direct plaster, papier mache, wax, and wire. Immersing oneself in the world of TBSSS promises a transformative experience, with the school's ethos focusing on teaching students to truly 'see', not just look – encouraging the development of their personal creative expression. The school's dedication to creating a safe, inclusive environment and upholding COVID-19 protocols further reflects its commitment to the well-being of its students and staff. If you have a passion for sculpture and artistic growth, as well as a desire to work in a vibrant and cherished institution, look no further than Tom Bass Sculpture Studio School. This extraordinary opportunity invites you to become part of a revered legacy and make a lasting contribution to the world of art.