Townsville Maritime Museum Limited

Townsville Maritime Museum Limited, a haven for maritime enthusiasts, offers a unique and enriching non-profit career opportunity. A pivotal community pillar in Townsville, the organisation passionately embraces its role in preserving local maritime history and cultivating a sense of wonder for visitors of all ages. A visit to the museum is an invitation to delve into the rich trove of fascinating exhibits, immersive hands-on activities and discover the extraordinary narratives of significant vessels such as HMAS Townsville and SS Yongala. By joining the Townsville Maritime Museum team, you enter an organisation that highly values collaboration, respect and a shared passion for maritime history. Employees are vital in fostering an inclusive, family-friendly environment where visitors can explore, learn and create lasting memories. If you're looking for a fulfilling and inspiring career, Townsville Maritime Museum is the place for you. Not only will you support the ongoing conservation of priceless historical artifacts and stories, but you will also play a key role in developing interactive learning programs for future generations. Let your love for maritime history set sail with Townsville Maritime Museum and embark on a remarkable journey to preserve the ocean's captivating treasures.