Tpi Assn Of Wa

TPI Association of WA is a dedicated non-profit organisation that strives to support and uplift the lives of ex-servicemen and women, ensuring they receive just and equitable treatment. Located at the beautiful RAAFA Estate in Bull Creek, Western Australia, the organisation is committed to crafting an environment that fosters strong bonds of camaraderie and friendship. The association's key principles are underpinned by providing a wide array of services to its members, maintaining a robust support network, and actively safeguarding the interests of its members and their dependents. Working for TPI Association WA presents a unique opportunity to contribute to a noble mission and make a lasting difference in the lives of people who have served their country with courage and honor. You'll be joining a vibrant community that passionately believes in helping each other through life's challenges, offering advice, and extending a welcoming hand to new members. If you're passionate about creating positive change and supporting the men and women who have made immense sacrifices for their country, then TPI Association WA is the ideal organisation for you. Get ready to be inspired and help drive meaningful impact within this beloved community.