Twin Rivers Community Care Limited

Twin Rivers Community Care Limited is a vibrant, values-driven non-profit organisation that aims to create meaningful connections, empower individuals, and foster hope in their community. By offering a range of important services such as emergency relief, hospitality courses, counseling, and volunteering opportunities, they strive to make a positive impact on the lives of those they serve. At Twin Rivers, the emphasis is on providing a holistic approach to care, focusing on Community, Accomplishments, Recovery, and Equip (CARE). This is done through their various initiatives like the Rivers Café, which serves delicious meals and quality coffee, and the Food Outlet where accessible choice is a priority. The dedicated team at Twin Rivers recognises the importance of building strong communities, and their efforts are reflected in the numerous success stories that have emerged from their work. The organisation creates an environment where hope truly lives, providing ample room for employees to grow, learn, and contribute in a positive and uplifting setting. Join Twin Rivers Community Care Limited and be part of a compassionate, dedicated team tirelessly working towards a brighter future for all. With your help, they can continue their mission to make a lasting difference in the lives of the people they serve, guiding them on their journey towards resilience and self-sufficiency. Together, we can create a better world fueled by compassion and hope.