UCA - Unitingcare St Matthews Preschool

UCA - Unitingcare St Matthews Preschool is dedicated to providing high-quality early childhood education and care to nurture young minds for a bright future. The organisation is powered by a team of experienced, qualified educators who are driven by their core values of responsiveness, respect, equity, inclusion, and meaningful interactions. Through these values, they work tirelessly to create a secure, trusting, and active learning environment that offers the best possible start in life for children. At St Matthews Preschool, collaboration and open communication with families are held in high regard. They believe that learning outcomes are most likely to be achieved when educators work in partnership with families. This commitment to family involvement allows for the inclusion of diverse perspectives in the educational program, making the experience more enriching and personalized for each child. Working for UCA - Unitingcare St Matthews Preschool, you'll have the incredible opportunity to make a lasting impact in the lives of young children while being supported by a passionate and dedicated team. The organisation is committed to creating an inclusive, engaging, and empowering environment for both children and their families. If you're enthusiastic about shaping the leaders of tomorrow, consider joining UCA - Unitingcare St Matthews Preschool in their mission to foster meaningful connections and create positive, lasting change.