Uca - Bundaberg

Uca - Bundaberg is a compassionate and welcoming non-profit organisation dedicated to enriching the lives of the local community through spiritual growth, connection, and meaningful support. Their mission is to create a safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment where individuals and families can come together to explore, celebrate, and share their faith. Driven by strong values of empathy, commitment, and unity, Uca - Bundaberg offers a range of services, including Sunday worship sessions, Holy Communion, as well as opportunities to connect through their vibrant online community. Their dedicated team, led by the passionate Rev. Stuart Bosch, works tirelessly to offer uplifting and transformative experiences for all who attend, whether in person or through live-streaming to YouTube. As a member of Uca - Bundaberg's team, you'll play a vital role in making a positive difference in the lives of others while experiencing the personal rewards of becoming part of a close-knit and dedicated community. This is a unique opportunity to not only grow professionally but also shape the future of an organisation that is committed to building strong connections and fostering spiritual development within the Bundaberg community. Join Uca - Bundaberg today to create meaningful change and inspire hope in a world that needs it most.