Uca - Camperdown

Uca - Camperdown is a vibrant, welcoming community located in the heart of South-West Victoria, Australia. With a strong focus on inclusivity, this non-profit organisation is committed to delivering programs and services that support the needs of their diverse congregation. As a potential team member, you'll find yourself part of a warm and supportive environment that encourages personal and spiritual growth. Uca - Camperdown recognises the significance of traditional custodians on their lands, sharing mutual respect and harmony with indigenous communities. The organisation is passionate about ensuring a safe and nurturing space for everyone, with all leaders having undergone thorough background checks and adhering to strict safeguarding policies. During these challenging times of COVID-19, Uca - Camperdown has persevered and adapted, staying connected through newsletters and online worship services. They also continue to offer pastoral care to those in need, providing assistance with baptisms, weddings, and funerals. At Uca - Camperdown, their mission statement says it all: As the people of God at Camperdown Uniting Church, we will listen for God's word, live like Jesus, grow our faith, journey together and reach out to others. If you’re passionate about making a difference and fostering a sense of community, Uca - Camperdown is the perfect place for you to thrive and make a lasting impact.