Uca - Castlemaine

Uca - Castlemaine is a vibrant and welcoming not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to providing Christian witness and fellowship in the Mt. Alexander shire. With a strong sense of community and purpose, this organisation seeks to create a nurturing and inclusive environment for individuals seeking spiritual growth and connection. Comprised of the congregations of Castlemaine, Harcourt, and the faith community of Sipwell, Uca - Castlemaine is led by the warm and dedicated Rev Sarah Tomilson, who is always available to offer guidance and support. The parish holds regular worship services at Harcourt and Castlemaine, as well as special events like the Sipwell worship on the second Saturday of every month. Uca - Castlemaine is an organisation that values engagement and collaboration, both within its congregations and the broader community. It is the ideal environment for those who wish to contribute their skills and passion to a meaningful cause while being part of a close-knit and supportive community. By joining Uca - Castlemaine, you will become an integral member of a compassionate and driven NFP organisation, helping to build strong connections and inspire positive change within the community. Become a part of this fulfilling and values-driven opportunity today and help make a difference in the lives of others.