Uca - Leighmoor Parish

Uca - Leighmoor Parish is a vibrant, faith-driven community that seeks to inspire people into a living relationship with Jesus Christ. This dynamic organisation is committed to spreading the word of God through various ministries, worship services, and engaging community events. With dedicated efforts to help individuals at all ages, Leighmoor offers children's programs and resources that foster a strong foundation in spirituality. Led by the passionate and warm-hearted Rev. Heeyoung Lim, Leighmoor has a strong compass guiding its actions and beliefs. The church focuses on creating an inviting, inclusive environment, which fosters growth, love, and understanding. Regular activities like Sunday services, Sunday school, and weekly messages are designed to educate and enrich the lives of its members. By joining the team at Leighmoor, you will become a part of a welcoming community striving towards zero-emission initiatives and transforming lives positively. The organisation's core values and mission are evident at every level and open the doors for spiritual growth and a profound sense of purpose. If you're looking to make a meaningful impact, look no further than Uca - Leighmoor Parish, where your passion for creating a better world will be nurtured and celebrated.