Uca - Presbytery Of Georges River

Uca - Presbytery of Georges River is a compassionate and visionary non-profit organisation dedicated to facilitating, supporting, and empowering congregations in the mission of Jesus. As part of the Uniting Church in Australia and operating within the Synod of NSW and the ACT, this inspiring organisation plays a vital role in fostering a connected, nurturing, and spiritually vibrant community. For those seeking fulfilling, values-driven careers within the non-profit sector, joining the Uca - Presbytery of Georges River team offers a unique and impactful opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. The organisation fosters an inclusive environment that encourages personal and professional growth, offering numerous workshops, training sessions, and resources to its team members. Working at Uca - Presbytery of Georges River not only means being part of an organisation that values integrity, respect, and social justice, but also collaborating with dedicated and like-minded individuals with a shared passion for nurturing spiritual well-being and growth. With a focus on empowering congregations, Uca - Presbytery of Georges River provides a rewarding career choice for those seeking to contribute to creating positive change in their community and beyond.