Uca - Sherwood

Uca - Sherwood is a warm and welcoming non-profit organisation that values community, inclusivity, and diversity. This faith-based organisation is nestled in the heart of Sherwood's well-established inner western suburb, making relationship-building and forging meaningful connections a top priority. Uca - Sherwood is not only committed to serving its congregation but also focuses on benefiting the wider community. They pride themselves on their accessibility, featuring hearing aid loops and wheelchair accessibility to ensure all can participate in their dynamic activities and worship services. Uca - Sherwood respectfully acknowledges the Yuggera people, the Traditional Owners of the land they worship on, and show admiration for their ongoing efforts to protect and promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. Their core values are centered around grace, peace, and community engagement. At Uca - Sherwood, you will find various activities for all ages, including children, youth groups, adults, and elderly members. They offer a range of community-focused groups, such as an art group, quilting group, and adult fellowship. This diversity of programs allows the organisation to cater to various interests and create a truly enriching experience for its members. If you're passionate about fostering a values-driven community, working for Uca - Sherwood could be your calling—join a purpose-driven organisation that champions inclusivity, kindness, and meaningful connections.