United Christian Broadcasters Australia Limited

United Christian Broadcasters Australia Limited is a warm and value-driven organisation that seeks to make a positive impact on people's lives through various platforms such as radio, devotionals, and news articles. Their goal is to help Australians look to God daily, providing an essential support system for believers and seekers alike. At the heart of the organisation is the Vision Christian Radio station (previously Vision FM), which aims to bring hope and inspiration to its listeners. The station hosts a range of shows that enlighten and entertain, while staying true to its core values. In addition to radio broadcasts, United Christian Broadcasters produces the popular Word for Today Bible devotionals, offering spiritual guidance and inspiration to readers. They also provide their audience with Christian News, featuring stories that reflect the values of the organisation and the message of hope they wish to convey. Working for United Christian Broadcasters is a fulfilling and rewarding opportunity for anyone seeking a career with purpose. You will be part of a warm and supportive community with common goals, driven by the desire to make a difference in people's lives through faith and shared values. By joining the team, you will become part of a legacy that continues to inspire and encourage people to live a life of purpose and faith. Embrace this chance to make an impact and join United Christian Broadcasters in their quest to spread hope, love, and understanding across Australia and beyond.