University of Queensland Law Alumni Association

At the University of Queensland Law Alumni Association (UQLAA), the mission is to support the highest standards of legal education and contribute to the success of future legal professionals. As a registered charity, this organisation is driven by the core values of promoting legal education, fostering strong relationships, and providing unparalleled opportunities for all members. Joining the UQLAA means becoming part of a passionate and dedicated team, working closely with the prestigious UQ's TC Beirne School of Law, the judiciary, and the legal profession. UQLAA takes pride in its comprehensive range of programs, designed to provide students with the best possible preparation for legal practice, including orientation, textbooks, scholarships, and various events. Every team member will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the association and ensuring students succeed academically and professionally. Working for UQLAA is more than just a job – it's an opportunity to make a real impact on the lives of aspiring legal professionals while contributing to a legacy of excellence in the world of law. Be part of an inspiring community that fosters strong bonds, nurtures rising talents, and builds a brighter future for the legal profession. Join the University of Queensland Law Alumni Association today!