At VOICSA Ltd, their mission is to create a safer future for children within the global Jewish community by addressing the issue of child sexual abuse. Established in 2016 as an Israel-based international organisation, VOICSA is committed to empowering survivors, raising awareness and advocating for change through influencing decision-makers, legislators and leaders in Jewish communities worldwide. By ensuring appropriate laws, policies and best practices are implemented, they aim to embed a cultural revolution in how the community combats child sexual abuse. Join VOICSA in working towards a sustainable change for the countless victims and survivors and ensuring the safety of children today and into the future. As a team member, your dedication and passion will contribute to making a difference in the lives of those affected and help give a voice to those who have long been silenced. Embrace this opportunity to work alongside inspiring individuals and community organisations that share the common goal of preventing child sexual abuse and creating a safer world for our children. Be a part of the change with VOICSA.