Variety Wa Incorporated

Variety WA Incorporated is a compassionate and dedicated non-profit organisation that focuses on empowering and supporting children living with disabilities, sickness, or facing disadvantage in Western Australia. Driven by the belief that all kids deserve a fair go, Variety aims to bridge the gap for vulnerable children and their families, ensuring access to life-enhancing resources and opportunities. At its core, Variety WA is committed to helping children gain mobility, independence, and self-esteem by offering grants, scholarships, and a variety of inclusive programs and experiences. The organisation also provides a strong support network for families through its numerous events, fundraisers, and volunteer initiatives. By joining the Variety WA team, you'll have the opportunity to be a part of a values-driven organisation that truly makes a difference in the lives of children and their families. Whether you're a volunteer, a corporate partner, or a fundraiser, your contributions will help provide much-needed support to those who need it the most. With your passion and dedication, you can empower children to overcome challenges, reach their potential and create a brighter future. So, why not be a part of an inspiring community that impacts positive change? Choose Variety WA – and help make a difference today!