Victorian Brumby Association Inc

Victorian Brumby Association Inc (VBA) is a heartwarming not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the well-being and conservation of Australia's iconic Brumby horses. As a passionate advocate for these beautiful creatures, VBA is committed to rescuing, nurturing and rehoming Brumbies, ensuring their survival and prosperity. At VBA, the love for Brumbies drives the spirit of camaraderie, creating a dynamic workplace where teamwork, innovation and personal growth are highly valued. By joining the VBA family, you become part of a vibrant community that cherishes the impact these horses have on the Australian environment and culture. Whether it's through fundraising events, informative talks, or hands-on caregiving, you'll be contributing meaningfully to the preservation of these magnificent animals. As a compassionate and values-driven organisation, VBA offers a fulfilling work environment that will continually inspire your passion and commitment to the cause. Delve into the world of Brumbies and experience a career that genuinely makes a difference. Let your love for these remarkable horses flourish and help shape a brighter future for the Brumby population in Australia. With VBA, you'll be at the forefront of conservation, advocacy and education, creating lasting connections between people and the natural world. Embrace enticing career opportunities with the Victorian Brumby Association Inc and, together, lead the charge in protecting these Australian icons.