Visions for Armidale Creeklands Inc

Visions for Armidale Creeklands Inc is a community-driven nonprofit organisation dedicated to transforming the city's creeklands into a thriving and beautiful environmental sanctuary. By working collaboratively with locals, the group aspires to carefully plan and design public spaces featuring wetlands, lagoons, and billabongs, all connected by flowing water along the Armidale Creeklands. This picturesque vision, paired with improved paths, parking, and recreational facilities, has the potential to make the creeklands a significant environmental attraction for residents and visitors alike. Passionate about water conservation and natural beauty, the organisation constantly explores ideas and inspirations from other cities, aiming to develop innovative solutions for Armidale. With a membership representing over 1,500 years of combined experience in the region, Visions for Armidale Creeklands Inc believes in the power of a collective voice, advocating for the creeklands in inclusive and accessible ways. Join this dedicated community and contribute to shaping proposals, making decisions, and sharing ambitions for a greener, healthier, and thriving Armidale, where water supports life in all its forms.