Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria Inc

Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria Inc (VFBV) represents over 60,000 selfless volunteers working tirelessly to protect their communities. Established under the Country Fire Authority Act, VFBV is the united voice of Country Fire Authority (CFA) volunteers in Victoria, advocating for their welfare and efficiency. The organisation's vision statement reflects its commitment to strong volunteerism and fostering community resilience for a safer Victoria. VFBV engages with the CFA Board, government bodies, and local communities to ensure volunteer welfare is at the forefront of decision-making, thereby supporting the brave men and women who dedicate their time and skills to saving lives and property. Whether it's through media engagement, advocacy programs, or providing resources like the Welfare Fund, VFBV consistently prioritises the needs of volunteers while promoting the spirit of voluntary firefighting. By joining VFBV, you become part of a community that values and supports the essential work of emergency service volunteers who give selflessly to protect their fellow citizens.