Walking Independent Ltd is a compassionate, values-driven organisation that dedicates itself to bridging the emotional hardship associated with vision impairment and blindness. They recognise that being or becoming visually impaired is a challenging experience that involves emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and social responses as individuals face everyday life adventures, crises, and change. The supportive environment at Walking Independent aims to help their members embrace challenges and achieve their potentials by offering structured sessions in life education, anti-stress treatments, taking care of health, and personal goal setting. Their nurturing network welcomes members of all ages, visual impairments, and backgrounds, fostering a culture of acceptance and support. By joining hands with leading researchers and experts, Walking Independent provides access to invaluable resources and professional insights in the field of vision care. Their membership program offers exclusive access to member-only resources, chats, events, and content that cater to the unique needs of the vision impaired and blind community. With a clear mission, supportive community, and numerous benefits, Walking Independent is a truly inspiring organisation to work for or collaborate with.