Discover the opportunity to make a lasting impact on our planet with the Western Australian Forest Alliance Inc (WAFA). Dedicated to preserving the beautiful and biodiverse forests of Western Australia, WAFA serves as the region's peak body for forest conservation since 1990. Driven by a passionate team of staff and volunteers, their work spans various initiatives including the iconic Cry of the Forests, ending native forest logging, and advocating for forests as crucial elements in combating climate change. By joining WAFA, you will be a part of an inspiring community committed to standing up for this precious ecosystem. Together, you'll work towards creating a sustainable future for both the environment and the communities that rely on it. Your efforts will contribute to the ongoing protection of unique northern Jarrah forests and ensure that the voice of nature is heard loud and clear. Embrace the chance to create meaningful change and immerse yourself in an organisation where every action counts. Be inspired by the unwavering dedication of those around you, and share in the collective pride of working alongside like-minded individuals who cherish the incredible natural world. Be part of something bigger and help protect this invaluable natural heritage for generations to come with WAFA.