WILL2LIVE Limited is a compassionate non-profit organisation that focuses on providing essential support and basic human needs to Australia's homeless and marginalized communities. Driven by the inspiring story of founder Will Hawes, who started by making sandwiches at home and walking the streets of Sydney CBD to find and help people sleeping rough, WILL2LIVE has since evolved into a larger organisation with numerous volunteers, corporate sponsorships, and partnership programs. While serving over 1,000 meals a week to the homeless in various locations, WILL2LIVE is also dedicated to creating exciting events that foster a sense of community between the homeless, volunteers, and the wider public. Additionally, their HOMA program that develops new cafes and employment pathways offers valuable opportunities for those seeking to end the cycle of homelessness. Working with WILL2LIVE offers a unique and fulfilling experience of volunteering, making a direct impact on the lives of those most overlooked in society. From serving food, to lending a listening ear, WILL2LIVE volunteers contribute to their community with heart and dedication. By joining their ranks, you'll not only be able to help provide essential needs but also inspire others through your commitment to making a difference.