Walk Of Life Training Inc.

Walk Of Life Training Inc. (WOLTi) is a compassionate not-for-profit organisation dedicated to empowering vulnerable youth and helping them overcome challenges, such as homelessness, abuse, and destitution. This supportive and nurturing organisation offers a range of life-changing programs including Foundation and Employability skills, Emotional Education, Wisdom Training, and Life Skills. With their trauma-informed and culturally aware staff, WOLTi focuses on creating a non-judgmental and safe environment where young people can thrive. By joining the WOLTi family, you'll have the opportunity to contribute to the profound effect of long-term change within society by providing young individuals with the tools they need to build positive futures. Here, your work will provide a pathway to self-sufficiency for youth, ensuring they feel valued and safe as they navigate the complexities of life. Build a career that embodies compassion, commitment, and a genuine impact at WOLTi and help turn young lives around, one step at a time.