Wantaim PNG Incorporated

At Wantaim PNG Incorporated, they recognise the importance of fostering thriving communities in Papua New Guinea. As a close-knit non-government organisation working in remote areas since 2007, they have a strong dedication to the well-being of their communities and focus their efforts on promoting sanitation, women's health, and social issues. Their work can be seen through impactful programs like COVID SOAP, which provides soap deliveries and hygiene training to keep over 72,000 individuals safe in these challenging times. They also support and take pride in projects like Gudpela Sindaun, a scalable community-led sanitation initiative designed to promote health and cleanliness. At the same time, Wantaim PNG empowers women by uplifting female participation in all aspects of life through their Hamamas Meri social enterprise. Their team's passion and dedication shine through their meaningful accomplishments, making it a truly inspiring organisation to be a part of. By joining Wantaim PNG, you can become an influential member of an organisation that is actively engaging, mobilizing, and uniting communities to drive change across Papua New Guinea. You will have an incredible opportunity to make a difference in the lives of those who need it most and create a lasting, positive impact. So, come and help Wantaim PNG fulfill their mission to transform and uplift communities in this beautiful, diverse nation.