Warragul Heritage Preservation Association Inc

The Warragul Heritage Preservation Association Inc (WHPA) is a passionate and inspiring not-for-profit organisation that serves a crucial purpose - to preserve and promote the rich historical and cultural essence of Warragul. The WHPA is responsible for the management and maintenance of the iconic Wesley of Warragul, a scenic community-owned venue that boasts a stunning symbiosis of historical significance and contemporary charm. Embraced by a team of dedicated volunteers driven by a shared vision, WHPA takes pride in hosting a diverse lineup of captivating musical performances, engaging community events, and memorable private functions, including picturesque weddings. As a result, the Wesley of Warragul emerges not just as a historical landmark, but also as an integral part of the area's thriving arts scene. Working for WHPA presents a unique opportunity to be a part of a close-knit community that values heritage, culture, and personal growth. If you aspire to make a difference while connecting with others who are similarly motivated, become a part of the WHPA family and help shape the future of Warragul! The rewards are undoubtedly fulfilling, as you contribute to the tapestry of a cherished local treasure.