Whiskey's Wish Inc

Whiskey's Wish Inc is a dedicated non-profit organisation with a heartwarming mission – providing rehabilitation through task-trained service dogs for veterans, first responders, and correctional officers. By joining the Whiskey's Wish team, you are not only helping empower those who have selflessly served their communities but also saving the lives of soldiers and loyal canines alike. The organisation values compassion, commitment, and collaboration, creating a welcoming environment for employees who share these same principles. With a dynamic and supportive team, Whiskey's Wish promotes personal and professional growth, enabling you to make a difference while developing your own unique skillset. As a part of Whiskey's Wish, you will contribute to the creation of life-changing partnerships between humans and animals, fostering mutual healing and support. So if you're ready to embark on a fulfilling career journey that combines your love for animals and passion for giving back to our heroes, look no further than Whiskey's Wish Inc. Join the Whiskey's Wish family today and be a part of the extraordinary journey of service dogs saving soldiers' lives and providing much-needed companionship and assistance to those who have given so much to society. Be the change, inspire others, and let your love for animals create a far-reaching impact on countless lives.