White Box Future Jobs Fund

White Box Future Jobs Fund is a purpose-driven organisation passionate about creating a brighter future for overlooked and underserved individuals. They collaborate with social enterprises, governments, investors, and philanthropists to build, support, and advocate for large-scale social enterprises that create meaningful job opportunities. By 2030, they aim to enable 5,000 jobs through their dedication to social impact and innovation. Working for White Box Future Jobs Fund means joining a team of individuals who share an unwavering commitment to positive social change. They believe in fostering a supportive working environment where everyone is dedicated to the organisation's values, aspirations, and mission. With a strong foundation in First Nations advocacy services, property, finance, and advisory, they provide the necessary tools for social enterprises to scale and thrive in today's ever-changing landscape. As a part of White Box Future Jobs Fund team, you will contribute to meaningful projects that make a lasting impact on the lives of vulnerable communities. Be inspired every day knowing that your hard work and dedication are driving change and creating better opportunities for those in need. Embrace the chance to grow both personally and professionally as you make a real difference in the world. Join White Box Future Jobs Fund today and help shape a more inclusive and compassionate society.